New Kind of Silence

Living by yourself means you’re the only one in the room. There’s no one else to have a conversation with. It’s a new kind of silence I’m not used to. I never really watched tv growing up as a kid and now my tv is on most of the time, even if I’m not really paying attention to it. If not, there’s no other sound and it gets to me that I’m alone. I definitely love my privacy, being able to be alone whenever I want to. But that also means having to be alone when you don’t want to either. Even if I was alone at his house or back home, I knew that eventually someone would come home and that I could talk to them. It’s just a weird feeling to know that you’re just by yourself and that there’s no one to wait for to come home where you are.

  1. timeconsumingtask said: lol I hate when I’m alone in the house and its too quiet. I always end up inviting friends over or blasting music on my ps3 to have some sort of noise in the background at the least. Especially at night timeeeeeeeeeee
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